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 RecapTalks summarizes online sessions easily and securely

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Easy to start with

RecapTalks is allowing you to quickly begin transcribing and summarizing your company meetings.


Easy to use

A user-friendly interface makes it effortless for anyone to transcribe and summarize meetings, regardless of technical expertise.

Scalable for corporates

It scales alongside your organization, facilitating enterprise-level implementation and ensuring streamlined transcriptions and summaries for every department and team in your company


How it works

Record a teams meeting

Capture the audio or video of your teams meeting to ensure accurate transcription and summarization.

Upload the video or audio recording and select the summary format

Specify the target language, if necessary. and optionally choose from options such as a chronological transcript, an anonymized summary organized by topics and decisions, or a list of action items. 

Get the results as PDF or plain text document

Once the transcription and summarization process is complete, you will receive the transcribed content in a convenient PDF or plain text format, allowing for easy review, sharing, and reference.


What RecapTalks can

Multi-platform support

It is not limited to specific video conferencing platforms. You can use the service with different platforms and record your meetings, regardless of the platform you choose (MS Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, etc.)

Diverse summary formats

It offers multiple summary formats to cater to your specific needs. You can choose from options such as a chronological transcript of the entire conversation, an anonymized summary (organized by topics and decisions), a comprehensive list of action items, and more, enabling you to extract the information that matters most to you.

Data protection

It takes into account various data protection requirements, including pseudonymization to protect personal information, enhanced measures to safeguard intellectual property, and the option for local operation, empowering you to adhere to relevant data protection regulations and maintain control over your data.

German & English support

The service is equipped to understand and transcribe meetings conducted in both English and German languages, ensuring accurate and reliable results for a diverse range of users.

Why we?

What makes it special

As a German company, we prioritize data privacy in line with DSGVO regulations. We offer a corporate-focused solution that allows for easy implementation and gradual scalability to meet all your company’s standards. Enhance your website’s functionality while ensuring data protection and compliance.


Choose an option that works for you

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